1-1 Coaching


Lemme guess…

You are tired of yo-yo diets and challenges that only help you for the 28 days you are on them.
You want to live a healthier life, but don't know how.


I was there!

The tools I used for my own food / body transformation are the same I use with you.
Tools that include mindset, movement, and nutrition.


Working with me is different

✔ I provide you with tools to overcome barriers that have kept you stuck for years

✔ We create a personalized, sustainable plan based on your goals

✔ Weekly coaching to make sure you’re on track

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I am also able to work with women who have been prescribed a certain nutritional protocol from a medical provider and need help meal planning, pantry clean outs, and understanding how to find recipes for their needs. 

After working with Jen over the summer, she has helped me identify & get rid of the “rules” I didn’t know I was creating around food. I have a tendency to be either all IN or all OUT when it comes to eating and exercising. Through working with her, I’m learning how to add good decisions for food and movement instead of using both as either punishment or reward.
— Robin


After working together here’s what you can expect


Imagine having…

• Built trust in yourself and your body to make healthy choices

• Increased confidence

• A plan to reach your health goals

• No longer relying on crash diets

• The information about how to evaluate wellness trends

• Nutritional information and understanding about the relationship between food and their health struggle [i.e. cravings, addictions, allergies, sensitivity, hormones, and weight]

1-1 online coaching


Includes personalized plan to reach your goals and 4 weekly zoom calls.
Limited availability.