Hiya, I’m Jen.

I am a Midwest gal that has gone from shake n’ bake and hostess snacks to, well, healthier versions of those things and I have an obnoxiously large goal of radically shifting the weight loss culture starting right here in the Midwest.


Large bodies of water energize me almost as much as coffee, which I rarely go a day without, so I travel to the coastline as often as I can. If you happen to run into me at the beach you will probably find me with a jar of peanut butter, a Harry Potter book, iced coconut milk latte and my crazy supportive husband.

After spending nearly half of my life struggling with yo-yo diets and 21 day fixes that promised the results I always wanted, I discovered that the key to uncovering the perfect wellness plan had very little to do with the actual meal plan or workout program…


Mindset is where the magic happens


While I don’t believe there is any one way to do wellness and that it looks different for everyone, the starting point should never be just a meal plan. My personal struggles with the wellness journey lit a fire in my heart, but what really drives me is seeing the women around me struggle just as much as I did. It is my mission to help you navigate the wellness BS, while overcoming the mindset barriers that are keeping you from living your best life.

Through online and in-person group health coaching, gabbing with as many people as I can (AKA - public speaking), and creating events that leave people buzzing, I help all of my gal-pals (yes, that’s you) figure out what well looks like for them.

It won’t be easy and I don’t provide any quick fixes, but you can create the life you want.


What I believe

You are powerful and can change your life.
One size fits all nutrition and exercise programs will not fit ALL.
Nutrition has the power to heal.
Food is not the enemy, but some foods may not be your friend.
Motivation is BS, habits are what will change your life.
Wellness is not a destination, it is a journey.
Connection and community has to be a part of the wellness plan.
If you don’t prioritize your health now, you better plan to make time to be sick later.
Sleep is the most underrated tool to feeling your best.
A good podcast can change your life.