Upcoming Events


Women’s Wellness Circle
Starts October 10th / 6 week in-person group coaching

New Moon Movement
October 29th




Women's Wellness Circle

Group coaching


Ladies, you are tired of yo-yo diets and you just want to know how to live a healthier life. This group is the group for you.


In this group we will:


• Overcome mindset barriers that are keeping you stuck

• Find out which health information will serve you best

• Hold each other accountable while building community with other BA ladies like yourself.


The goal of this group is to leave you feeling like you don't need another crash diet or 28 day challenge to feel great in your life.


We will meet in the Brookside area for 6 weeks starting October 10th at 5:15 in the evening (with a little break in the middle for Halloween).

Space will be limited to 12 ladies, so save your spot today!


New Moon Movement

October 29th
5:30 PM-7:00 PM

New Moon Movement is an event that brings mindset and movement together. We will move, connect, and create so that we can nourish all parts of our self. The upcoming New Moon will be opposite Uranus creating spontaneous, erratic and chaotic change. This highly charged electric energy can cause anxiety, impatience, abruptness, impulsiveness, and rebelliousness. Sudden shocks and unexpected encounters may leave you feeling on edge. Together we will take some time to have grace and flow with a gentle yoga flow, set our intentions and create calmness with beautiful homemade spell bottles, and connect over light snacks. By purchasing a ticket and attending the event you understand that there will be photography and videos throughout and consent to the use of those in publications and other media material produced, including social media. If you are not comfortable with having photos taken of you, please contact me directly at jen@jennobo.com. As with all exercise there is a risk of injury. By purchasing a ticket you are assuming full responsibility for any injury or damage that should occur during the event and waiving any claim against Jen Nobo or Rodgers Health Center.

Registration: $15



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