Women’s Wellness Circle


Live your healthiest life together

The Women’s Wellness Circle is all about rebuilding the relationship you have with food and your body and doing it in a community of like-minded women.

How it works

I help by providing the tools to identify and overcome the barriers that have kept you from reaching their health goals, while creating a safe space for everyone to share and connect.

The transformation shared by Jennifer was very valuable. It helped me understand what to expect and clarity some misconceptions I had. Also, being able to share with others my struggles and successes helped me feel supported and know that I was not alone. Jennifer was very supportive and readily available to answer my questions.
— Jeannette

The Women’s Wellness Circle Take-Aways:

1. You’ll build trust in yourself and in your bodies to make healthy choices

2. You’ll have increased confidence 

3. You will no longer rely on crash diets and have a plan for their health goals

4. You’ll feel more informed about health and wellness trends and comfortable evaluating them

5.  You’ll be connected to a larger community


Group details

• We will meet weekly via Zoom for 50 minutes

• I provide worksheets and guides needed for the group

• 4-week program

• Limited space (20 max) to help create a safe space for people to share


Weekly Meeting Topics:

• The Diet culture and it’s impact on our ability to make healthy choices

• Basic nutrition education

• Pros and cons of popular diets and how to evaluate future health trends

• Common health issues and tools to overcome them

• Mental health and nutrition

• How to incorporate movement/exercise

• The impact of stress on your body

• Good sleep hygiene and why it’s important

• Supplements


Investment $94

Next group starts October 15th

How to sign up

Group coaching is simple - once a group is open all they have to do is follow the link and save your spot. I will reach out to make sure the group is a good fit for you. If it isn’t, I will refund you your money and refer you to another program or coach.